08.20.18 | Why It Matters | Saporta Report

At St. Vincent de Paul Georgia the work we do matters and we make a difference.  The numbers are staggering when you look at them; over $14.0 million in support to people in need here in Georgia. Last year more than 129,000 people helped. Big numbers, big impact.  But, what matters most is that we ‘Change Lives…One at a Time”.  

07.29.18 | Tragedy and Unity | Saporta Report

This past weekend many people across the world were focused on one thing (beyond the World Cup and Wimbledon). That was the rescue efforts taking place in Thailand where 12 teenage boys and their coach were trapped in a cave.  An outpouring of prayers and support from many different parts of the globe were focused on one shared goal – getting the trapped free. 

04.16.18 | Why Not? | Saporta Report

This month we remember the tragedy, shock and horror of the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King that occurred fifty years ago on April 4, 1968.  It is important that we never forget the things he taught us and the passion in which Dr. King fought nonviolently against racism and injustice and for civil rights and social change.