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9.17.20 | SVdP Georgia announces public phase of capital campaign | The Georgia Bulletin

Saketha Fleming of Norcross swears by the help that St. Vincent de Paul Georgia provided her at a crucial time. The single mother of three was working only a temporary job and had moved to escape a toxic personal situation.

9.10.20 | Plexus Worldwide® Provides More Than 3,000 XFactor Kids™ Supplements to St. Vincent de Paul Georgia’s Wellness Programs | Life Pulse Health

Plexus Worldwide employees gathered at St. Vincent de Paul Georgia to donate approximately 3,000 of their XFactor Kids supplement which is being distributed to families through the organization’s Food Recovery and Distribution programs

6.19.20 | Many fear looming housing, homelessness ‘crisis’ amid hold on evictions | The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Michelle Camper was already fighting to stay afloat before the coronavirus pandemic began, as she searched for permanent housing while living in an extended stay motel.

4.20.20 | Thousands of renters facing homelessness due to COVID-19 | Decaturish

Decatur, GA – Thousands of renters in metro Atlanta are struggling to keep a roof over their heads during the COVID-19 pandemic due to lost jobs or drastically reduced work hours, housing advocates warn.

4.20.20 | 60 families served during “Drive-In Food Pantry” at Saint Mary Mother of God Catholic Church | Jackson Progress-Argus

The St. Vincent de Paul Society in Butts County handed out 52 food baskets and gave grocery gift cards to eight more families to serve a total of 60 families during a “Drive-In Food Pantry” at Saint Mary Mother of God Catholic Church in Jackson on Saturday.

4.16.20 | Catholic Charities, SVdP respond to coronavirus | The Georgia Bulletin

ATLANTA—Families being self-sufficient takes on a new meaning as the COVID-19 pandemic has caused great job loss in the United States and around the world.

04.01.20 | As April Rent Is Due, Assistance Providers And Advocates Work To Meet Expected Need | WABE

The start of April means rent is due for a lot of tenants. This is as many have lost their jobs or had their hours cut because of the COVID-19 virus. Organizations that provide assistance around metro Atlanta are bracing for the growing need that the month will bring.

03.27.20 | Extended stay motel residents on brink of homelessness | The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The virus-linked economic chill has pushed many residents of extended stay motels to the brink of homelessness. With thousands of families in metro Atlanta living in motels – often scraping to get by on low-wage jobs – the recent wave of layoffs and lockdowns has taken away the paychecks that made it possible.

03.24.20 | Many Norcross families working but trapped in extended-stay hotels | The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

They came to metro Atlanta with hopes of a new life, renting a house in Duluth and enrolling their two children in school while they looked for jobs – she in medical administration, he selling cars.

06.10.19 | Three Words | Saporta Report

Often it is difficult for organizations to convey their mission, vision, and core values in short, simple, understandable terms. Organizations, especially nonprofits, focus a lot of energy on creating easy to remember mission statements.  But to capture the vision of the organization and the values that underpin its purpose and way of operating can be challenging. A ‘tag line’ in ads and informational material doesn’t quite have enough power, and a long, detailed page of words, as good as they may be, is too unwieldy and remains often unread and unengaging.

05.26.19 | Anything but easy | Saporta Report

This summertime the living is anything but easy for too many of our neighbors in Georgia. This is the time of year when it becomes especially difficult for many of those in need to make it from day to day.  The combination of heat and humidity leaves people with the choice of two bad alternatives; high utility bills or extreme discomfort.  Many part-time and casual jobs that might have been available disappear in the summer because of the downturn in retail business associated with vacations and because there is an influx of young labor out of school for the summer. And often the volunteer social services support networks and organizations are at their financial and volunteer support lows.

02.25.19 | Earthrise | Saporta Report

I recently finished reading a great book called ‘Rocket Men’ by Robert Kurson (Rocket Men: The Daring Odyssey of Apollo 8 and the Astronauts Who Made Man’s First Journey to the Moon, April 3, 2018, Random House).  The book tells the story of the first journey to the moon in December of 1968.   I well remember that incredible mission and the excitement it created at home. What an amazing time.  

01.28.19 | Poverty in America | Saporta Report

As we end January, we end ‘Poverty Awareness Month’.  Unfortunately, we won’t see poverty end on January 31st.  I guess we just won’t need to be aware of it anymore. We’ll go on to some other ‘awareness’ month that will also end without the issue ending.  It’s our way of making ourselves feel good; let’s shine a light on an issue, hope it goes away in 30 days, and move on. Cynical maybe, but not far off the truth.  It’s the same way we make a big deal about the ‘giving season’ and shower organizations with money from November through December; and then ignore the need the other 10 months of the year. 

12.03.18 | Many are struggling to afford rent | Atlanta Journal Constitution

When Alicia Moore moved into the Alpharetta apartment complex more than a decade ago, the rent was $600 a month, but it has steadily climbed to $919 plus fees.

11.30.18 | SVdP Announces Hope Transformed Capital Campaign | Atlanta Business Chronicles

The Atlanta Business Chronicles published an article announcing St. Vincent de Paul Georgia’s capital campaign: Hope Transformed. The publication highlights the scope, depth, and significance of the venture while highlighting the positive impact this campaign will have on the organization’s ability to help those in need through the state of Georgia.

11.26.18 | Charity is Not Enough | Saporta Report

At SVdP Georgia we work to ensure that the critically important charitable support we provide to people in need is accompanied, as best as possible, with specific actions to help alleviate the need that required that charitable intervention in the first place.  It is core to our mission, ‘… so they may achieve stability and move towards self-sufficiency.’ 

10.19.18 | Hope Transformed is first ever capital campaign of SVdP Georgia | Georgia Bulletin

St. Vincent de Paul Georgia is kick-starting the first capital campaign in its 115-year history, aimed at doubling in size its local food market and creating a safety-net pharmacy to help low-income clients.