In Georgia, economic mobility is amongst the lowest in the country and is often tied to transportation. Less than a quarter of jobs are accessible via public transportation severely limiting access for the poor to higher opportunity jobs.

A Harvard study found that access to transportation is the single strongest factor in escaping poverty: more important than crime, student test scores, or the prevalence of single- parent households.

Households in poverty spend a high proportion of their income on transportation. Higher purchase prices of vehicles, higher fuel and insurance costs, and transit fare hikes all pose a financial burden to people in poverty. The NHTS states that is the 2nd highest American household expenditure, exceeded only by housing costs.

SVdP recognizes that lack of transportation can be a significant barrier to achieving financial stability.

We provide a variety of assistance from MARTA cards, to assistance with car repairs, auto insurance, and car payments to keep people on the road to work. Assistance is provided by contacting a local conference and working with a caseworker.