It’s home sweet home. It’s where your heart is.  It’s where you make it. No matter what “home” means to you, we all ache for a home of our own.  Imagine then what it feels like to lose your home or to struggle every day just to hold onto it.

Housing is simply a basic human need.  Where you live is a key determinant of your quality of life impacting health outcomes, employment, educational opportunities, and social connections. Yet millions of poor Americans lack safe, decent rental housing that is affordable to them and are deprived of access to higher-opportunity neighborhoods and communities.

Affordable housing means that after paying rent an individual has enough money left over to spend on the basic necessities of life. Rents that exceed 30% of income are deemed to be unaffordable. In Georgia, 52% of low-income renter households pay over 50% of their income on rent. One illness, car repair, job loss, or unforeseen event can leave them unable to pay their monthly rent. Some landlords have changed their business model to exploit Georgia’s decades old eviction laws as a way to collect overdue rent rather than remove a tenant. This practice needlessly adds hundreds of extra dollars to a tenant’s bill, destroys their credit score, prevents them from being able to move to a new apartment or find another job-pushing them even further into poverty.

Each day, SVdP Georgia volunteers and staff meet with people in need to help them pay their rent and utilities and avoid eviction. If the eviction cannot be avoided, we help them secure temporary housing, and/or moving and storage of their personal belongings.

Motel to Home Program

SVdP’s Motel to Home program was created in response to a community need identified in the Norcross study: When Extended Stay Becomes Home and by the work of our volunteer caseworkers.

Rent/Mortgage/Utility Assistance

We believe in preventing homelessness by keeping people in their homes. Through our Conference volunteer caseworkers and Family Support Centers, St. Vincent de Paul Georgia provides emergency financial assistance for rent/mortgage and utilities to prevent evictions. In fiscal year 2018, this amounted to nearly $5.5 million dollars.

Temporary Housing

Providing temporary housing in a hotel or shelter and assistance with moving or storage of personal items when eviction cannot be avoided.

Transitional Housing

SVdP Georgia’s Conferences operate two transitional housing programs.

These housing programs are managed exclusively by volunteers. If you would like to make a difference in your community, consider getting involved in this wonderful cause. Volunteer positions include mentors, apartment inspectors, administrative/clerical, fundraising, screeners, employment assistants, counseling, spiritual advisors and nutritionist.

Your financial support also helps offset the expenses related to the upkeep of the units. Please consider supporting this program so we can continue our mission of helping homeless women and children become self-reliant again.

Community Resource Referrals

Many times, our volunteer caseworkers connect people in need with other community organizations like the Continuum of Care gatekeepers and other housing service agencies. The volunteer caseworkers build relationships with local agencies and work together to help families to self-sufficiency.


Educating our supporters with data and information about housing issues in Georgia.