The number of people in Georgia without health insurance is staggering and is amongst the highest in the nation. Over 1.5 million people in our state do not have health insurance. Some fall in the coverage gap: they make too much to qualify for Medicaid (greater than $7400 for a family of 3) and too little to qualify for tax credits from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchanges. Others deem the cost of insurance to be too high on their limited incomes.

A recent 2019 Gallup poll reported that 45% of American adults fear a major health event could lead to their bankruptcy. This fear is not unreasonable as the majority of personal bankruptcies are due to medical expenses. The report also stated that US citizens borrowed $88 billion dollars and pulled $126 billion out of their personal savings to pay for medical expenses.

No health insurance means less access to care and preventative medicine. It means less services for major health conditions and chronic disorders. One fifth of the uninsured went without medical care due to cost. And it means higher costs for these vulnerable individuals as hospitals charge the uninsured higher rates than private and public insurance plans.

SVdP Georgia Community Pharmacy

Medical Bills and Prescriptions

SVdP meets with people daily who are choosing between medicine and rent- often to their own detriment. We offer financial assistance with medical bills and prescription drugs. Assistance can be obtained by contacting your local conference and working with a caseworker.