Cherokee and Cobb Counties

A transitional housing program of St. Vincent de Paul at St. michael the archangel that provides single-mothers with young children the opportunity to change their lives in a positive way and the support they need to become self-reliant again.

About the program

St. Michael’s House provides a nurturing home-like environment for homeless women and their children 12 years of age and younger so that they can establish stability in their lives.

This is an opportunity for families to build resources needed to establish a stable and secure home-life for themselves and their families.

How their success is accomplished is through the dedication of the participants, but also through the dedication of our volunteers. The volunteer mentors provide guidance for basic life skills such as finance and budget training, nutrition and cooking, goal setting and decision making, child rearing and nurturing, other skills, as well as spiritual direction. Mentors will access the goals of each participant and standards will be set. St. Michael’s House will give them the tools, but the utlimate success is in the participant’s hands. Participants learn success through accountability.

It is our hope that we can help end the downward spiral of poverty in our community through a personal outreach and interaction between our volunteer members and the families that reside at St. Michael's House.

The founder of St. Michael’s House likes to quote the proverb, "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime."

It is our ultimate goal to teach the young mothers at the residence how to be self-sufficient in today's world.

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For a family to stay at St. Michael’s House, a participant must:

  • Maintain employment throughout her stay.

  • Set and achieve short-term and long-term goals.

  • Progress towards financial stability.

  • Nurture and participate in her children’s growth.

  • Be willing to live in peaceful coexistence with other women in the program.

  • Be willing to comply with the precepts of the SVdP Transitional Housing Program.


doing more to meet today’s challenges by…

  • Providing a clean, warm place to sleep

  • Providing warm meals and all the comforts of a home

  • Providing educational opportunities 

    • Goal setting and decision making class

    • Basic computer training

    • Nutrition and food shopping

    • Budgeting classes

  • Providing employment assistance

  • Providing emotional support

  • Providing a viable plan with goals and objectives

A Community of support

A number of individuals are responsible for making St. Michael’s House successful. Communities and their leaders have united with a common goal of helping families achieve their dreams.

St. Michael’s House is able to provide a safe transitional home for these families, as well as provide assistance with food, clothing and other basic living needs. Our mentors have various backgrounds and will be able to provide the participants valuable education to help with their life-changing journey.

We at St. Michael’s Hous will help women build the self-esteem needed to be successful. We believe change can happen! For participants to believe they can make a better life for themselves and their families is certainly the first, most important step.

Volunteer positions include mentors, apartment inspectors, administrative/clerical, fundraising, screeners, employment assistants, counseling, spiritual advisors and nutritionist. 

Your financial support also helps us offset the expenses related to the upkeep of St. Michael’s House. Please consider supporting this program so we can continue our mission of helping homeless women become self-reliant again. Your contributions will be greatly appreciated.

For more information, call 770-367-0168 or the SVdP Helpline at 770-591-4643.

Mailing address:

SVdP St. Michael’s House

c/o St. Michael the Archangel

490 Arnold Mill Rd. 

Woodstock, GA 30188