During a crisis, the most vulnerable among us stand to be disproportionally affected. Our goal is to provide assistance for those who normally need our help, while ramping up efforts to meet the growing need caused by the coronavirus impacts rippling through our state. 


With suspension of schools, parents are learning how to deal with their new normal while potentially experiencing cut workplace hours, individuals are facing furloughs, seniors are homebound and cannot access adequate food on state benefits. This coupled with the fear of an unknown illness, can be overwhelming for Georgians who faced crisis before the pandemic crisis started.

We know, that in times of crisis our communities come together to alleviate suffering. This is one of those times when families, seniors and especially children risk going hungry, and households will experience high compacted housing and utility bills months from now. Our caseworkers are in uncharted territory with overwhelming anxiety and fear, but they are willing and ready to deploy available resources to help!

Help Us Respond to COVID-19


Our food supply situation has changed, and not for the better. Grocery stores have less or nothing to donate because people are panic-buying. We are holding emergency no-contact food drives to stay ahead of the curve and finding ourselves having to be very conservative with the funds we have available to purchase bulk food so we can stretch it throughout this crisis.


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How SVdP Is Responding to COVID-19

SVdP Georgia staff and volunteers are continuing to provide help and give hope to our neighbors in need during this crisis by providing family stabilizing services, especially food assistance, rent assistance and more.

We are still working around the clock, taking calls, assisting and guiding clients and their families through this moment of uncertainty with resources including:

  • Emergency Food Box Deliveries
  • Walk Up/Drive-Thru Food Pantries
  • Rent/Mortgage Assistance
  • Utility Assistance
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Prescription Assistance
  • Community Connections

*All services vary by Conference, and are being done remotely via phone and email and/or practice social distancing and other safety guidelines as issued by the CDC.

Our most vulnerable people in our communities need us now more than ever. Here’s how we’re responding to the challenge: 

  • Our statewide local Conferences who typically perform home-visits with neighbors in need have moved to remote, phone-only assistance, as their volunteer capacity allows. Most of their local food pantry in-person servicing has been suspended by parish guidelines, so volunteers have been instructed to deliver food to neighbors’ doorsteps only. 
  • Our volunteer-run Thrift Stores across the state will be closed for shopping until further notice. At this time, all of the stores are still accepting donations with some staffed daily and others that are checking in periodically to retrieve donations left at the door. Because the situation is fluid, we highly suggest that if you are planning a donation drop-off, to contact your local store before doing so.
  • Our Family Support Centers in Chamblee and Lakewood will continue to operate their food pantries as food is available via home delivery of food boxes.
  • Our Food Recovery & Distribution Program in partnership with Kroger stores and a couple of Aldi and Sam’s stores will continue to pick up excess food, depending on each store’s availability.
  • Our staff has temporarily moved to a remote work schedule, with in-office visits as needed. All staff will continue to be accessible via phone and email.
  • Rapid Response Communications plans in place to communicate government assistance and other resources for our volunteer caseworkers to share with neighbors in need as they become available.
  • Online COVID-19 Community Resource repository for public access highlighting employment opportunities, housing and utilities, financial and legal services, and family and social services.