The ongoing development of membership, which includes both recruitment and retention, is one of the most essential responsibilities that a new or existing Conference will face. Creating a membership development culture within the Society is vital to sustaining the life of a Conference because a healthy Conference can meet the needs of its members and of the community it serves.

Membership Development Toolkit

First, you should review the Membership Development Toolkit for detailed, step-by-step actions you should take to help position your Conference for new membership. During this step, you will also identify which type of Recruitment Program best fits your Conference. (Invitation to Serve Program or Each One Reach One Program).

Invitation to Serve Program Packet

Invitation to Serve is a simple, yet thorough, program to encourage people to join in the good work of St. Vincent de Paul Georgia. It has proved effective locally and nationally in attracting, welcoming, and retaining new members. The program requires a few small but significant actions by you and your Conference:

  • Place announcements in your parish bulletin.
  • Give a short presentation at each Mass one weekend.
  • Provide information tables at each Mass on the weekends of the presentation.
  • Conduct a one-hour orientation meeting during the week following the presentation.
  • Involve the new candidates in Society activities as soon as possible.

This packet includes samples of timelines, bulletin announcements, scripts for the presentation, and a guide/agenda for the orientation meeting.

Each One Reach One Program Packet

Each One Reach One is a simple personal appeal method to encourage people to join in the good work of the St. Vincent de Paul Society and brings together your current membership in a joined effort to grow and revitalize your Conference.

New Member Welcome Packet

The New Member Welcome Packet is designed for you to provide to new and/or prospective members so they can:

  • be welcomed by the Conference Support Center and leadership
  • learn more about the Society as an international/national/state organization
  • find out what is expected of them as a Vincentian
  • be briefly introduced to why Vincentian spirituality is so important.

This packet is a great starter packet for those waiting to attend a basic Conference orientation or Ozanam Orientation.

*Conferences should add their own local information/guidelines to supplement this packet.

Membership Application

A tool to help Conference leaders gauge the skills and interests of prospective/new members. (optional)

Basic Conference Introduction PowerPoint

For use in general information meetings for new/prospective members.

If you would like assistance in running an information meeting (technology, speaker, etc.), please let us know. A member from the CSC Vincentian Services department would be happy to help with implementing this meeting.

Posters and Brochures

The Conference Support Center offers Conferences customized Conference brochures and marketing posters/flyers. Please contact us at if you would like to inquire about customizing material for your Conference.


Questions? Contact Vincentian Services at