SVdP GA Logos

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White Main Logo

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Other Formats

If you are in need of a logo for print (banner, sign, brochure, ect.) a printing company should be able to use the AI or EPS format. For other projects, such as web pages, the JPEG file can be used.

US Logo Blue/White High Res JPGJPEG/PNGDownload Blue
Download White
US Logo Blue/White High CMYKAIDownload Blue
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US Logo Blue/White High PMSEPSDownload Blue
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Branding Guidelines

Marketing and Communications Documents

Documents for helping to promote and talk about SVdP.

SVdP Key Figures Quotes
SVdP Power Point Template
SVdP USA Fact Sheet
SVdP GEORGIA FY 18-19 Fact Sheet
Poverty Fact Sheet Template
You can populate this template for your county by visiting and
How to Create Social Media Sites