Introducing CMS 4.0- A browser version

CMS 4.0 (browser version) is now available and can be accessed through the button below (Login to CMS 4.0).

The significant feature of 4.0 is that it supports multiple devices through major internet browsers, including those on iPad, Chromebook, Android, and Surface devices.

As always, if you experience any problems or have questions, please submit a CMS 4.0 Support Ticket found on the left hand side of this page.

  • The 4.0 version is a technology upgrade release, so no changes were made to any of the existing functionality.
  • No re-training or installation is necessary.
  • Supported Browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari
  • Supported Operating Systems (OS): Windows 8 or Higher, Mac OS, iPadOS, Android, Chrome OS
  • **Smartphones are NOT Supported
  • All CMS App bugs (error messages) have all been fixed in 4.0.
  • After you become comfortable using 4.0, you should discontinue using the CMS App (not uninstall).
  • Going forward, all enhancements and bug fixes will only be included in the 4.0 version, and at some future date (TBD), Agular will discontinue supporting the CMS App.
  • *It is highly suggested that you bookmark the CMS 4.0 direct link ( or the CMS Support Community for quick access.

Register for Virtual CMS Advanced Training

Client History & Uploading Documents

Thursday, February 3, Noon to 1:30pm

Learn more about these two great features that all caseworkers should be aware of. Find out how, and where, to access the client history and how to upload documents.

Targeted Audience: Caseworkers and Treasurers

Client History

  • See all of a client’s history in one place (past assistance, red flag, cases with and without assistance, etc.)
  • View history prior to working with the client
  • View as an open case, or
  • When the case is closed.

Uploading Documents

  • Allows other Conference members to view them
  • Attach a document (i.e. lease, utility bill, etc.) to a case for future reference
  • Great way to retain very important documents in a digital format.

Both of these features are must-haves to add to your CMS toolbox!

What’s New

CMS Training – Client Merge

Watch the recording now

Click link below to view/download

Client Merge/Duplication Functionality Handout

CMS Training – Holiday Programs

Watch the recording now

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AIR App (PC Version) Printing Problem!

There is a known Adobe printing problem using the PC version of the AIR App. Agular is aware of it and is working with the Adobe to resolve it.  Since we expect that this will take some time to get resolved, we recommend you use one of 3 “workaround” options listed at the button below.

New Release-Build 307

April 23, 2020

This new release was made available on Thursday, August 13th.  It includes the PDF print fix for current Mac AIR App users, New Mac AIR APP download for 64 bit users (Catalina and Big Sur Operating Systems), and updates to existing functionality. 

Mac CMS AIR App Compatibility Issue:

Catalina is Apple’s new 64-bit Mac OS.  The CMS AIR App is 32-bit.  If you installed Catalina and encountered a problem with the AIR App, please use the Safari browser version of CMS or install the new 64-bit AIR App. Click here for more information.

New Release Includes 7 New Features

April 23, 2020

Available on Friday, April 24th. No browser refresh or AIR App update required. Build# 305 remains the same. The new “Support” button to the left of the Logoff button works great for browser users; acceptable, but, not perfect for AIR App users.  But, it is pretty cool; so give it a look. As always, if you have any questions, please submit a “General Question” under Resources.  

New COVID-19 Tracking & Reporting Feature

March 20, 2020

For clients that report that they have been impacted by the Coronavirus, we have added the ability for the Caseworker to check the COVID-19 box in the Underlying Causes section of the Situation screen #3 (click here for screen shot).  

To generate a report, navigate to the Task Pane>Conference Reports>Underlying Causes.  This report can be generated at both the Conference and Council level by users that have been assigned roles to access this report.  As always, if you have any questions, please submit a “General Question” under Resources.

Quick Tip: Zoom

February 18, 2020

For easier viewing, you can now increase or decrease your font size. 

Go to My Profile>Zoom tab