Our Home Visit is the heart of what we do at St. Vincent de Paul Georgia. These person-to-person visits from caseworkers located throughout the state in our 73 Conferences are what make us unique and distinguishes us from other social service agencies. Here are the step-by-step details of a typical Home Visit.

A Call for Help

Each year, approximately over 150,000 Georgians from every religion, race, and background call SVdP on a dedicated assistance helpline. Calls are routed to one of our 73 local groups called conferences. These conferences are staffed by over 3,000 volunteers who work together to provide hope and help to people in need in their community. Conference helpline workers return these calls to obtain some initial information and set a convenient appointment time for a Home Visit.

The Home Visit

People who need help often are not able to take time off from work, arrange for child care, or find transportation to seek resources. With a box of food in hand and compassion in their hearts, two of our trained volunteer caseworkers, known as Vincentians, go to them ready to provide assistance and resources to help them through a challenging time.

Hope Behind Every Door

Visiting people in need in their homes respects their dignity and provides a private setting so they can freely discuss their personal challenges. During our person-to-person visit we:

– Sit down, as a friend would, and listen to their stories without judgement.

– Begin a dialogue and start a relationship that allows us to understand their situation and the obstacles they are experiencing.

– Create, together, a practical and compassionate plan for the future.

Our assistance is tailored to each person’s needs and may include food, clothing, rent, utility, transportation, furniture, medical, emotional, or spiritual support. Our 4 Family Support Centers operated by staff and volunteers augment the work of the Home Visit and provide food pantries, thrift stores, eligibility screening for government benefits, educational programs, and more.

Help Is On the Way

Once the Home Visit is completed, the essential details are recorded in our confidential electronic record management system. If financial assistance is needed, a Conference Treasurer will pay the appropriate vendor(s). A follow up call is placed a few weeks later to see how they are progressing on their plan and offer encouragement and further assistance if appropriate.