Cobb County

A temporary housing program of St. Vincent de Paul at St. Thomas the Apostle that provides homeless women the opportunity to change their lives in a positive way and the support they need to become self-reliant again.

About the program

The House of Dreams is a temporary housing program for women located in Smyrna, Georgia. We opened our doors on November 1, 2001.

This holistic program strives to provide homeless women, who are willing and able to take the necessary steps to change their own lives, with the resources and support they need to become self-reliant again.

We are dedicated to breaking the cycle of homelessness. We believe that by aggressively addressing the factors that cause homelessness, we can change lives one person at a time through education, self-awareness, knowledge and independence.

The women are expected to attend the necessary life and work skill classes to help them obtain and maintain a job. When employed, they are expected to contribute to help pay for the rent, utilities, etc. They are also required to put money into a savings account. Volunteers provide support as mentors, employment assistants, apartment inspectors and more to ensure that our guests are complying with the house rules and making progress on their goals. If unemployed, the women are expected to aggressively look for work and to do volunteer work.

We change lives by…

  • Providing a clean, warm place to sleep

  • Providing warm meals and all the comforts of a home

  • Providing educational opportunities 

    • Goal setting and decision making class

    • Basic computer training

    • Nutrition and food shopping

    • Budgeting classes

  • Providing employment assistance

  • Providing emotional support

  • Providing a viable plan with goals and objectives

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  • Single women, without children in their care, who are willing to act responsibly and who have a strong desire to become self-reliant.

  • Must not be a user of alcohol or drugs.

  • Must be willing and able to work hard to change her own life.

  • Must be a legal resident of the U.S. or be actively seeking permanent residency (proof required).

  • Must be willing to live in peaceful coexistence with other women in the program.

  • Must be willing to comply with the precepts of the SVdP Temporary Housing Program.

For more information, contact Laura Gibbs at


Mailing address:

SVDP House of Dreams

c/o St. Thomas the Apostle

4300 Kings Springs Road

Smyrna, GA 30082

How You Can Help

The House of Dreams is managed exclusively by volunteers. If you would like to make a difference in your community, consider getting involved in this wonderful cause. Volunteer positions include mentors, apartment inspectors, administrative/clerical, fundraising, screeners, employment assistants, counseling, spiritual advisors and nutritionist. 

Your financial support also helps us offset the expenses related to the upkeep of the House of Dreams. Please consider supporting this program so we can continue our mission of helping homeless women become self-reliant again. Your contributions will be greatly appreciated.

Do you have a client that might qualify for this program?

House of Dreams accepts referrals from other Conferences. Just call and leave a message, keeping in mind these minimum requirements:

  • Homeless Female - 25yrs or older, who is working or looking for work.

  • We are unable to help with physical, mental or emotional issues, criminal history or alcohol/drug addictions.

  • Maximum beds available - 8