The links below will take you to some of the most important articles and websites for those who want to learn more about poverty and its associated issues. Be sure to check back frequently as we will be continually updating these lists as more information becomes available. Can’t find the information you are looking for? Let us know and we will help you find it!

The Educational Opportunity Project Details 3 measures of educational opportunity for all public schools in the US. Key finding: poverty, not race, is the key determinant of educational achievement.

Poverty USA Provides poverty data and maps for every county in the US.

Living Wage Calculator How much income does it really take to get by in your community? The Living Wage calculator estimates the cost of living using regional expenses and regional income for every county and metropolitan statistical area in the U.S.

Economic Policy Institute Provides data about the American workforce including a family budget calculator that determines a minimal subsistence income for families of various sizes in each county and metropolitan statistical area in the U.S.

W.E. Upjohn Institute Provides data and analysis on the social safety net, educational and workforce development, economic development, and labor markets.

Opportunity Atlas Neighborhoods matter. The Opportunity Atlas identifies which neighborhoods offer children the best chance to rise out of poverty. Key finding: economic mobility in Georgia is amongst the lowest in the country.

Division of Family and Children Services

2018 Kids Count Profile, Annie E Casey Foundation

Americans Want to Think That Jobs Are Solution to Poverty. They’re Not.” Mattthew Desmond. This is a great article by the author of Evicted that examines why so many Americans are working full time yet still living in poverty.

Changing the Odds: As Atlanta’s Economy Thrives, Many Residents of Color Are Left Behind” Annie E. Casey Foundation

About the Georgia Earned Income Tax Credit-Georgia Work Credit” Georgia Work Credit

Georgia Tax Credits for Workers and their Families” Tax Credits for Workers and Families

State Earned Income Tax Credits” Georgia Budget and Policy Institute

Eviction Lab Quick facts about evictions from Princeton University

Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City “The” book
on evictions by Mathew Desmond

Corporate Landlords, Institutional Investors, and Displacement: Eviction Rates in Single Family Rentals A Discussion on the impact of corporate and private equity ownership on serial eviction rates

Eviction filings in metro Atlanta: An AJC investigation An overview of
serial evictions in the Atlanta area

Mapping evictions in Metro Atlanta Map of evictions by apartment building

Norcross Extended Stay Motel Study A survey of residents living in extended stay motels showing that they have become permanent residences to many low income people.

2019 Georgia Housing Profile NLIHC’s overview of the number of affordable and available rental homes and the incomes needed to sustain them.

Georgia Housing Profile by Congressional District NLIHC’s summary of rent burdened residents and the number of affordable rental units by congressional district. Scroll down to find your district.

2019 Out of Reach Report: Georgia NLIHC’s summary of housing wages, fair market rents, work hours at minimum wage to afford an apartment, and median wages by occupation. Be sure to select your county or MSA for the most up to date information.

Georgia Housing Report This graphic produced by the NLIHC shows the median housing wage, housing cost, and area median incomes.

Regional Snapshot: Metro Atlanta Rental Housing Affordability A comprehensive overview of rental housing data from many reliable sources compiled by the Atlanta Regional Commission. A good place to start to understand the root causes of our affordable housing problem.