If you are committed to taking a stand for people in poverty, then you are on your way to being an advocate!  The power of our impassioned 5,000 volunteer voices combined with the stories of the people we meet during our Home Visits can help ignite demands for social change.  Social Media is the fuel for this fire to spread quickly and grab the attention of the media and decision makers.

But getting people talking about poverty issues is only a start.  To be effective advocates we need to begin to build strong relationships with local decision makers and legislators and give them the information and insight they need to craft laws and systems that lead people to financial stability and self-sufficiency.

Ways to Advocate

Social Media

  • Tell your online community about your experience with SVdP.
  • Share a story or information you find on our website.
  • Follow SVdP on social media and help amplify our message.
  • Sign up for our blog so you can stay up to date on pending legislation and issues that impact people in need in Georgia.

Be a Voice for the Poor Representative

Do you have experience working with the legislature? How about writing, blogging, or social media? Are you interested in research and learning more about issues impacting the poor?  Perhaps you are just passionate about serving the poor and are looking to work with others who share your enthusiasm.

Join us on the Voice for the Poor Steering Committee as an individual or represent your conference.  The committee will collect stories of hope, prioritize our research and legislative initiatives, and develop strategies for increasing awareness of SVdP.  Email us at dfisher@svdpgeorgia.org.

Connect With Your Community

Look for ways to increase awareness of poverty, the issues impacting those we serve, and the impact of SVdP in your local community. Volunteer to speak at other parish ministry meetings and to other community groups such as the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Garden Club, etc. or request a speaker from SVdP Georgia.

Get to Know Legislators/Decision-makers

Make your voice heard with the click of a button through email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. Let your legislators know that you volunteer with SVdP and that you are a Voice for the Poor. Better yet, make a call or schedule a meeting with them for the most impact. Make the most of that time by being prepared with facts and client stories. Offer to be an information resource to your legislator on poverty and its impact in your community.  Remember, you have seen it first-hand and have a perspective they cannot get from anyone else!