You can say something with your words or with your silence. Which will you choose?

It is our vocation to set people’s hearts ablaze, to do what the Son of God did, who came to light a fire on earth in order to set it ablaze with His love.

Frederic Ozanam, Founder of SVdP

Here are some tools you may find useful when you are ready to speak out.

Formatted Powerpoint

Want to put together a PowerPoint presentation but need some help making it look good? We’ve got one here for you. Just add your own text and you are done!

Conference Powerpoint

Asked to speak about SVdP and the work of your conference and don’t know what to say? We have a sample presentation here for you to customize with your own information or we can customize it for you. Contact Amanda Stricklin if you need help with customizing.

How to Find Your Elected Officials

Find your federal, state, and local elected officials and how to contact them.

How to Set Up a Meeting With Your Local Decision-maker/Legislator(s)

Step by step instructions for how to set up and conduct a meeting with your legislator and sample materials that can be customized for your conference.

How to Write Your Legislator

Step by step instructions for creating your own letter and a sample letter.

How to Contact Your Legislator by Phone

Step by step instructions for placing your call and a sample script.

Tracking a Bill Through the Georgia General Assembly

Detailed explanation of the legislative process including an infographic.