In North and Central Georgia, there are 71 Conferences linked by the common mission of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul to empower the poor and marginalize in our communities. The Conferences are volunteer groups of 10 to 75 people, known as Vincentians, putting their faith into action to respond to the needs of people in their local communities, regardless of race, ethnicity, or religious background. 

Within the framework of the International Society and the directives of the Georgia Council, each of the 71 Conferences operates independently to create the programs and services that best fit within each of their communities. These programs include Direct Aid, Client Choice Food Pantries, Thrift Stores, education programs, transitional housing, and spiritual aid. 

The core of Vincentian service is the home visit. During a home visit, two members of the Society go to the home of an individual or family in the throes of crisis. The Vincentians talk with the clients, assess their needs, provide assistance or give referrals based on the situation. The home visit's central purpose is to maintain the dignity and respect of the people we serve. 

The three goals of a Conference:

  • Spiritual growth of the members
  • Developing friendships among the members and with those in need
  • Serve people with compassion, generosity, and respect

2015 Conference Map