Through our first-ever capital campaign, St. Vincent de Paul Georgia has a Vision for Transforming Hope.

After more than a century of service, the Hope Transformed capital campaign and transformation of the St. Vincent de Paul Georgia Conference Support Center includes:

  • Securing ownership of the property at 2050 Chamblee Tucker Road
  • Transforming the building to amplify mission-critical programming; and
  • Sustaining the life-changing impact of St. Vincent de Paul Georgia’s work into the future.



The campaign will help SVdP Georgia launch a Community Pharmacy that will fill maintenance medications to treat diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, and other chronic conditions at no cost. Designed to complement the services offered by the neighboring Mercy Care Clinic, SVdP Georgia is working to separately secure funding to support ongoing operations of the pharmacy.


A permanent home for a robust series of educational opportunities designed to prepare clients for long-term success such as managing finances, developing a personal mission statement, and building a network of peers and mentors. The campaign will provide for a large flexible learning space that allows for various-sized group meetings and training sessions.


One in five Georgians—including one in four children—live in food insecure homes where there is constant worry about putting food on the table. To address this need in a systemic way, St. Vincent de Paul Georgia created its Food Recovery and Distribution Program (FRDP) in partnership with the Atlanta Community Food Bank and local grocery retailers. Through this program, SVdP Georgia collects more than 18 tons of food every month from 45 grocery stores and places it on the shelves of 38 client-choice food pantries, including one in each of the five Family Support Centers.


Situated next to the Education Center in the epicenter of the redesigned building, the Connected Classroom will seat 25-50 people and be equipped with audio, video, and computer capabilities to allow SVdP Georgia to deliver webinars and other trainings to clients and volunteers throughout the state. The classroom will also contain state-of-the-art recording capability to create content that can be stored and shared on a variety of digital platforms. These technological resources will eliminate transportation as a barrier to training and services for neighbors living in rural areas.


To complement the reimagined food pantry, a new Teaching Kitchen will feature semi-commercial, energy-efficient appliances and serve as a classroom space for educational programs on topics such as healthy eating, simple recipes and feeding a family on a budget.


Earning a living-wage salary with benefits is often the first step toward true self-sufficiency, and the newly renovated building dedicates approximately 1,500 to 2,000 square feet to a new Jobs Center where clients can identify and secure employment. This will allow SVdP Georgia to provide skills training, counseling, and access to computers for resume writing, job searching, and other pre-employment needs. The Jobs Center will offer a meeting space, private interview rooms, a resource center, and computer workstations.


SVdP Georgia operates five Family Support Centers, including the main one in Chamblee. Here, volunteers and certified staff caseworkers give personalized attention to clients, providing general intake counseling to screening for state and federal benefits such as SNAP, TANF, PeachCare and Medicaid. The Centers also offer free income tax preparation through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program, access to computer labs for job search assistance, financial literacy classes, nutrition counseling, and other valuable services.

The campaign will provide for a reimagined Family Support Center that occupies a larger footprint and offers a more functional layout to deliver the best possible guest experience, including private interview rooms and computers accessible to clients.


While the amount of space devoted to administrative offices will decrease in the reimagined facility to make room for mission-critical programming, the floorplan will be more open, collaborative, and efficient. Throughout the entire facility, upgrades will bring the building to a higher standard of environmental efficiency, with new HVAC systems, low-flow plumbing and other green infrastructure improvements.


Endowment funding is critical to the long-term health of any institution. It allows a nonprofit organization to gain greater financial stability by providing a reliable stream of income to support annual operations, and it often helps to bridge the fluctuations in revenue that may occur throughout the year. SVdP Georgia currently has a modest endowment of $250,000, and funding from this campaign will be used for conference support as well as emergency assistance for food, clothing, shelter and other basic needs, helping to keep service delivery consistent through good times and bad.


SVdP Georgia is just $650,000 away from reaching our goal of $7.5 million and realizing a vision of #HOPETRANSFORMED

It is now time to lend a hand to St. Vincent de Paul Georgia. To your neighbors in need.

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  1. 1
    Karen McLean on September 8, 2020

    It’s great, pretty ambitious. What I’m wondering is how will it serve the needs of those unable to travel to a learning center, one of the 5 Family Support Centers, Literacy classes, Teaching Kitchen, etc.

    1. 2
      Khadijah Hall on September 8, 2020

      Hi Karen,
      Our Connected Classrooms will contain state-of-the-art recording capability to create content that can be stored and shared on a variety of digital platforms.
      These technological resources will eliminate transportation as a barrier to training and services for neighbors living in rural areas. This way we can support our conferences in outlined areas with programs to benefit our clients.

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