An Interview with Baseball Hall of Famer, Tom Glavine: Why he Donates to SVdP Georgia:

Why do you donate to SVdP Georgia?

“I donate to SVdP because, as a Catholic, their values align with that of our family.  I have personally witnessed the good the organization does within our community.  They truly are doing the Lord’s work.”

Which of our programs and services is the most compelling to you?

“I particularly like the Journey Program. While it’s important to help people in need, I love that SVdP takes it a step further and teaches life skills to help people move in a direction to be able to support themselves.”  

What do you hope your donation will accomplish?

“I hope my donation provides much needed funding for SVdP to be able to continue their life changing programs for people in need.”

If you could speak to others considering a donation to SVdP, what would you like them to know?

“To the potential supporters of SVdP, you will no doubt feel gratification from seeing this supportive organization serve the community in so many ways.  Your donation will impact the staggering number of Georgians struggling to make ends meet; it’s not just a hand out but it’s a hand up.”

Photo: Wiki media commons 

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