Meet the St. Michael’s Conference!

This vibrant conference with 47 members has been led by Joanne and Jack Capies over the past years and serves people in need from 12 different zip codes:

  • All of Gainesville 30501 to 30507
  • Oakwood 30566
  • Lula  30554
  • Gillsville 30543
  • Clermont 30527
  • Murrayville 30564

“The Holy Spirit is at work at St. Michaels answering our prayers for our clients’ needs providing a lift chair, medical equipment, furniture, even automobiles!”

Do you offer any unique services or programs?

We have a freebie day six times a year. We call our clients and they shop at no charge from 26 tables of donated clothes, shoes, and household items, Christmas trees and Christmas decorations. They love it! We also make sure all of our clients have trees at Christmas regardless of the size.

What makes your conference special?

We are a community.  We enjoy each other and share our stories, love, our happiness and our sad times. Once a month our entire conference goes to lunch together. We pray together and we send out prayer requests for the powerful prayers of our members. We attend Mass and funerals together. We are dedicated and compassionate and go beyond the home visit to keep in touch with our clients, letting them know they are special and Jesus loves them and so does SVdP.

We network with most of the local agencies, hospitals, schools, United Way, Housing Authority, Avita, Utility Companys, Adult Protection, DFCS, shelters, the Salvation Army, Family Promise, Rape Response, Gateway, My Sisters Place, and The Way. We set up SVdP Booths at events in Gainesville handing out literature on SVdP. At the Housing Festival last month we helped one family with housing for their family and another with furniture that we delivered to them. We pick up lovely furniture from Cresswind Community, a 55+ community and deliver it to our clients. 

If your conference were given a million dollars, how would you spend it?

If we won a million dollars we would give a large part to our Conference Support Center, twin with other Conferences and purchase a couple of vans to deliver food on a weekly basis in the poor rural areas, helping them with personal hygiene items, clothing, medical equipment, prescriptions, eyeglasses, hearing aids and furniture. We would make sure no one in our community went without electricity or water and help them secure warm and safe housing for their families assuring them that our loving, gracious Lord will lead them through all their difficulties in life. HE is always with them holding their hands and helping them realize the power of prayer.


  1. 1
    Russ Williams on August 13, 2019

    We expect nothing less than what was written from the SVDP Conference at St. Michael’s. The leadership and unparalleled efforts of Jack and Joanne drives and sustains the members of the Conference. They have been blessed and in turn they bless us. I am a very small part of the Conference.

  2. 2
    Lonnie Sundermeyer on August 13, 2019

    The minute we joined St. Michael’s, my husband and I felt this incredible love in this parish. Then I joined SVdP, and met Joanne and Jack Capies. We are a family in SVdP, Joanne and Jack have made us part of theirs.
    It is so wonderful to be a small part of an organization that brings, love, hope, nonjudgement and support to those who are in need of so much. A smile, a hug, a listening ear means so much to them and makes them feel someone truly cares.

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