ALICE could be your neighbor, your child’s teacher, the lady who cuts your hair, the cashier at your local supermarket. ALICE stands for Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed and is an acronym coined by the United Way to describe 28% of Georgians.  These hard -working people live above the federal poverty level but still struggle to make ends meet. ALICE cannot always pay the bills, has little or no savings, and is constantly making trade-offs between rent and childcare, rent and medicine, rent and car repair. ALICE is often one unforeseen event away from being evicted.

St. Vincent de Paul has helped thousands of people like ALICE. Years ago, she would usually need assistance one time and then be financially stable.  But our economy has changed. Incomes in Georgia have risen 10% from 2011 to 2016 but rents have increased 48%. ALICE now needs assistance more often to keep the financial walls from crashing down around her. Will you help us help ALICE? 


  1. 1
    Darlene Brogdon on February 1, 2020

    Yes we are just like Alice in your email.We need a boost to try and get ahead of our bills,can you please Help???

    1. 2
      Khadijah Hall on February 11, 2020

      Hi Darlene, Please call our helpline at, 678-892-6163 to be connected to your nearest Conference.

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