St. Vincent de Paul Georgia is Preventing Homelessness, Fighting Hunger, and Changing Lives.

Stories of Hope

Through a network of 5,000 volunteers, St. Vincent de Paul Georgia gave $19 million in assistance last year to 116,000 people on the edge of poverty and financial ruin.

Each of these neighbors who call on us for help have a unique story to tell. These brave people are sharing their stories with you in hopes that you will understand some of the barriers they face and perhaps be inspired by their effort to build a better future for themselves and their families.

What We Do

Learn more about the underlying issues impacting people in poverty and how St. Vincent de Paul Georgia addresses them.

Poverty in Georgia

0 % of Georgians live in poverty.
0 % of low income renters in Georgia are at risk for homelessness.
0 % of Georgians lack consistent access to food for an active, healthy life.
Learn more about Poverty issues in Georgia

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Have you met ALICE?

Have you met ALICE?

ALICE could be your neighbor, your child’s teacher, the lady who cuts your hair, the cashier at your local supermarket. ALICE stands for Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed and is an acronym coined by the United Way to describe 28% of Georgians.  These hard -working people live above the federal poverty level but still struggle…

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SVdP Spotlight

SVdP Spotlight

Meet Lawrenceville Thrift Store Volunteers Jackie What is your name and title and which store do you work in? Jackie/Cashier/Lawrenceville How long have you volunteered at the store? 2 months What prompted you to start volunteering there? Needed something fulfilling to do after loss of husband What keeps you coming back? Co-workers and customers What…

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